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Challenge yourself to do an act of kindness – chessed – every day from Pesach until Shavuos. 

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Fill in the chart by hand! When its finished, take a picture and send it in

Fill in the chart by hand! When its finished, take a picture and send it in

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Keep a digital chessed diary by logging in your daily chessed onto the app at any time or any place

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Remain inspired with amazing, daily videos featuring esteemed Rabbonim, members of various vital chessed organisations as well as people from our community.

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With a daily reminder, it’s almost impossible to forget to count the omer and do your chessed of the day!

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Our events page will make sure you remain up to date so that you don’t miss out on the amazing chessed opportunities the RKCC will provide.

Words of Inspiration from Rabbi Paysach Krohn

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Thank You

This project would not have been possible without the support of so many special people.

We would like to thank

  • Rabbi Krohn for inspiring us with this concept
  • The Beis Yaacov Johannesburg Matric Class of 2020 who made this happen
  • The Rabbonim and Organisations that submitted inspirational videos
  • The sponsors for making this a reality


2020 was a roaring sucess. Participants found it to be life changing. Lauched at Rabbi Kraines’ Shloshim, hundreds of people around the world did a chessed everyday. Challengers were also boosted with a  daily broadcast.


Looking for more inspiration? Let the 2020 playlist inspire you