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      Family Kraines

      The family invites everyone to share memories, anecdotes and thoughts as well as messages of condolences on this website as a means for perpetuating his memory that it should be a zechus for the deceased and an opportunity to become inspired to strengthen one’s own Jewish observance in his memory. Thank you.

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      Ian and Colleen Suttner and Family

      Dear Nechama and your entire family
      Our family are deeply saddened by the loss of Rabbi Kraines.
      We can not express our gratitude enough to you for accepting and
      embracing us so wholly into your life and your community.
      We are not religious people, and have never felt so welcomed by
      any other community until we had the good fortune to meet you and
      Rabbi Kraines. He is one of the kindest and most gentlest souls I have
      ever met. Accepting unconditionally and always making us feel at ease.
      Your love and wonderful warmth and humour are infectious. Our last shabbos
      with you just before Yom Tov was such a special one for us all. To have invited
      my family and to include Lara’s parents was such an incredible mitzvah.
      We talk about it to this day.
      We wish you and your entire family blessings in the millions and may you all learn from the master himself, selfless generosity of spirit.
      I hope that we will meet up in Israel sooner rather than later.
      With much love to you all.
      Ian Colleen Justin Lara and Bradley Suttner

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      Nadine Shapiro


      Dear Kraines Family,

      We go back approx 23 years – l have always known that you Nechama and Rabbi were close by – l could always reach out. You have always been there for me through the good and the not so good and better counselling l could not have asked for. l bumped into Rabbi what seems like not so long ago – we chatted and laughed about President Trump – and as different as Rabbi’s views were he NEVER really gave an opinion – his acceptance was always a phenomenal testament to what l can aspire to – everyone is different and at a different stage, and that is ok. This of course was mainly directed to ones religious stage – the Rabbi just knew and understood and was so non judgemental.
      Rabbi Kraines i am going to miss you!

      Nechama, i hope we always stay in touch. You can be so very proud of your family. You and Rabbi did a great job. Sending so much love. Happy belated birthday 🙂
      Much love,
      Nadine Shapiro XOXO

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      Barbara Klingman

      Dear Nechama and the entire Kraines family
      I am so sad to be writing this to you. I wish you and all your wonderful children “Long Life”
      on the passing of a wonderful husband,father and Rabbi.
      I always enjoyed davening at Ohr Sameach ,Gallo Manor ,Sandton when ever I spent Shabbatot or
      Chaggim with my daughter and son-in-law,Ronell and Joss Bernstein and family.The
      atmosphere was always welcoming and warm and that was because it was a trade mark
      of you and Rabbi Kraines z”l.
      However I will never forget how Rabbi Kraines z”‘l filled the breach when my husband passed away
      exactly 15 years ago on the 4th candle of Channukah .Our Rabbi ,Rabbi Suchard was away in Israel at the time.
      Rabbi Kraines z”l conducted the funeral service with such dignity and caring as befitted Dov z:”l. and because it was Channukah and no Hespid could take place he managed to say a few words about Dov which was wonderful. It poured with rain during the funeral service so Rabbi Kraines z”l went to the cemetery the next day to make sure that the water was drained from the soil so that the coffin was sitting in the correct way. He went above and beyond his duty and my children, Terence and Ronell and I were amazed and very grateful. I am sharing this with you to illustrate how much we respected the Rabbi and will never forget him.
      Once again my sincere and heartfelt condolences on the Rabbi’s passing. He left this world too soon and will be greatly missed by many,many people whose lives he touched in a variety of ways.
      With my fond wishes for your continued strength and good health.
      Barbara Klingman

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      Tali (Aronowitz) Goldberg

      Dear Special Rebbetsin Kraines and Kraines family עמו״ש
      I am so sorry for your loss and may Hashem comfort you at this very difficult time .
      I have tried to write this for a few days now but it has been very difficult to try put into finite words the infinite gratitude I have to Rabbi Kraines Zt”l , Rebbetsin Kraines עמו״ש and the entire Kraines family .

      When I think of growing up in Gallo Manor , Ohr Sameach Sandton and the Kraines family was the epicenter of our childhood . The Kraines home was always open to everyone . I fondly remember so many shabos meals around your table . Rabbi Kraines Zt”l loved to sing zemiros with his sons and it was always filled with light and positive energy. The introduction to a Torah way of life was made to my family by the Kraines’s. The authentic , patient and encouraging way they shared their Torah and values resulted in the growth of so many individuals and families . They encouraged growth . Always smiling and always encouraging . Rebbetsin Kraines עמו״ש would always encourage the ladies to attend Shiurim and a culture of “you count “ was created . There was always something happening at the shul.

      Whenever we had a question the Rabbi ztl was only a phone call or a watsapp away . Even after my family made aliya they would still always send the Rabbi questions . One example comes to my mind from about a year ago , when my uncle Selwyn z”l passed away during shiva I forgot to light shabos candles . Usually if you forget to light candles you add one extra every week forever . I spoke to Rabbi Kraines and he looked into this extensively as he said it was a complicated question. He was so patient and gave me all the different opinions and perspectives . The conclusion was that I did need to light an extra one going forward . Which I do and when I light this candle I will think of the Rabbi zt” l and your family . Being that Rabbi was niftar during chanuka and the world had lost a great light the extra shabos candle will remind me of the light that he brought into the world and our obligation to continue the light going forward .

      Each chag has a different memory be it the way the Rabbi Zt”l would read the megilla with different accents and make it so real you felt like you really were watching the story unfold . Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur you could feel the Rabbi’s davening piercing the gates of shamayim. I even remember that song about “zayde “ and “the 9th man” in a southern accent and some other fun songs I think it was at lag baomer.

      To all the Kraines children and grandchildren עמו״ש thank you for allowing your parents to build a community and build people even when it meant that you all lived in different countries, which was not easy for you . You are all fulfilling and leading true Torah lives and building Am Yisrael. This is a beautiful legacy and continues the life’s path that your father dedicated himself to so fervently together with your special mother . You are true Torah yidden and you continue to inspire us . Even today when I called the Rebbetsin and Sarah malka not even knowing what to say – you gave me chizuk with your strength and Emuna.

      Wishing you all strength, comfort and Arichas yamim . I am sure the Rabbi Zt”l is and will be getting much nachas on high from you all . Wishing you only simchas , good health , abundant Brochas and revealed good .

      Love Tali (Aronowitz) Goldberg and family

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      Ronell Klingman Bernstein

      To our dearest Nechama and Kraines family
      Our hearts are broken at the loss of our wonderful Rabbi Kraines z”l.

      We remember his beautiful smile and gentle ways that encouraged us, helped us grow in our Yahadut and as people. We loved his optimisim, enthusiasm and his acceptance of everyone at their level. We loved listening to his beautiful davening and most of the Nigunim that we enjoy in Davening today and at home around our Shabbos table we learned from the Rabbi.

      There are so many wonderful memories that we have but we would like to share these few memories for now.

      We were a young couple with 2 small children, including a two month old baby, when we moved into the Ohr Someach Sandton Kehilla. Our house did not yet have a kosher kitchen. We had phoned Rabbi Kraines to let him know that we were moving in, and the day we moved in, we received a call. Nechama and I are coming over, to meet you and to kasher your oven. The Rav could have asked someone else to help us, or told us to do it ourselves but he and Nechama came themselves, as a team. Armed with a blowtorch in one hand and famous chocolate brownies in the other hand. As we sat together in the kitchen, we bonded and only then did we start to realise the goldmine of a Kehilla that we had fallen into. They left nothing to chance and created a personal and lifelong bond with each and every one of us. Rabbi Kraines z”l and Nechama had their finger on the pulse of everything that was happening to each community member and knew the exact right balance of when to offer help and support , when to comfort or when to give people space to work through things. This we will never forget, the dedication to building relationships and through that building us in our faith and observance of mitzvos. We learned from their example and incorporated many of the life lessons into our own family.We learned what it was to be an active part of a true Kehilla.These are lessons we carry with us today and impart to our children.

      Another beautiful experience was around the Kraines Shabbos table. My children used to wait with anticipation for question time in which Rabbi Kraines had the Shabbos treats ready. He always managed to find the perfect question for each child, making them feel so special when they answered. The Zemiros at the table were also our biggest treat and joy!

      Rabbi Kraines and Nechama encouraged me to take responsibility for the childrens services program at the Shul. It was a daunting task however I never felt alone, they were there together at every meeting approving every plan and every activity. I will never forget their support and encouragement and how their joy grew as the program blossomed.

      The last memory we would like to share with you is the Megilla reading on Purim. Rabbi Kraines z”l was a master story teller in Megillah reading. When he read the Megilla on Purim, with his beautiful voice, animations of the different characters in the story, dramatic pauses, the Megillah came alive – he had us hooked from the beginning to the end! His megillah reading is something we miss to this day

      And so our hearts are broken at the void that cannot be filled but also our hearts are filled with the beauty of the mitzvos, the warmth and the grace of chesed that enriched our lives.This is legacy that transcends time and carries the light forward

      Our hearts are with you Nechama and each and every one of our special Kraines family at this time
      With love from Joss, Ronell, Nissim and Shalhevet Bernstein

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      Reuven Subar

      Rabbi Zev Kraines was a rebbi/chaver, both a teacher and a friend. He was an inspiration to me as a young buchur. He invited me one Purim. I arrived at the door holding a bottle of wine in one hand and an unadorned orange in the other, two food items as the requisite “Mishloach Manos” gift. “Ah, a Brisker!” he said.

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