From L.S.

 So very sad to hear this news. What an incredible amazing, inspiring, warmhearted person he was. He had such a tangible love for his family, community, Israel, Hashem and for Yiddishkeit. He was a true Tzaddik , a wonderful orator, singer, one of the world’s Greatest Rabbis, who together with his beloved wife Rebbetzin Nechama, created such a legacy, touched so many hearts and taught 1000s of people to truly appreciate being Jewish and to learn how to be proud of this incredible heritage! He will continue to inspire me and my family BzH.

May Hashem bless you all with wonderful and long contented, healthy lives, continuing to spread the joy of being a part of the Jewish community BzH.

Hold onto those precious moments of unconditional love that defined your husband, father, Saba. Rabbi Kraines we will always remember you.