From Ohr Somayach Sandton

Today we are saddened by the loss of our dear Rabbi.

We came to Ohr Somayach Sandton, attracted by the Rabbi, like a moth to the light of a candle. We came to hear his words of Torah, learn the wisdom of his teachings and follow his example of unconditional chessed.

We came to be associated with Nechama and the children and take them into our hearts as our own. We grew with the family, strengthening our bonds with them and nurturing our Jewish roots. The experience enriched our social lives as well as sparked our spiritual development.

We all carry an indelible impression that the Rabbi, Nechama, and all the children made on our lives, and though we will miss them we will certainly never forget them. As individuals and as a community, we are who we are, because of them

Now that has come to an abrupt end and we feel the pang of the parting.

The legacy the Rabbi has left us, is to dedicate ourselves to continuing the work he started by pioneering a meaningful Jewish community in Sandton. He pursued the idea to start the Ohr Somayach Nursery School on the shul property, which grew and was ultimately used as the “seed capital” for Sandton Sinai School. He boldly pushed forward the expansion program of the shul to create the building as we know it today. He started a major project to incorporate a youth centre into the ambit of the shul to cater for the changing demographics of or community, with a focus on younger families. It would have been his dream to see it happen. It’s now our task to complete and everyone has a role to play.

The Board and Community of Ohr Somayach Sandton