Shaarei Torah Schools

Dear Shaarei Torah Family.

In the midst of the light and joy of Chanuka, we regret to inform, and join in your sadness, regarding the untimely petira – in Eretz Yisroel – of the former menahel of our Primary School, Rabbi Ze’ev Kraines zecher tzadik l’vracha.

Rabbi Kraines played a significant role in bringing our community to where it is today, sharing from his deep and broad Torah wisdom to be mechanech and elevate an entire generation of families in our community, adults and children alike.

His huge contribution to Shaarei Torah School is deserving of specific recognition, and we will, bl’n, in due course ‘come together’ to share memories, draw inspiration, and give kavod to a man who sought only Hashem’s honour and never his own.

The currently available details are for the levaya to be Thursday night, 11PM at the Eretz Hachayim Cemetery near Beit Shemesh. Shiva details are not yet confirmed.

My Hashem give Rebbtzi Kraines and all the Kraines children comfort and strength.

Shaarei Torah Schools Leadership and Staff